featuring the new P.A. Youth Honour Choir


About the Prince Albert Children's Choir:

"I would teach the children music, physics and philosophy, but the most important is music, for in the patterns of the arts are the keys to all learning"
-Plato (Greek Philosopher )

The Prince Albert Children's Choir (PACC) is open to all children who love to sing. Rehearsals held at St Anne School.

Preparatory Choir: 6-9 years 5:00-5:30
Concert Choir: 10-18 years 5:00-6:30

The Music: We have picked exciting new repertoire involving challenging harmonies, body percussion, and haunting poetry (to name a few). The music ranges from classical, folk, Canadian, musical theatre and movie favorites. This year’s selections will promote individual growth and take the choir to a new level.

Affordable Music lessons: The children in the PACC receive a music education as well as vocal training. This training is both as a choir and occasionally on an individual basis to help the child find their own voice and fulfill their own potential. Benefits: Studies have shown that young people who sing in choirs:

  •   Develop personal confidence and healthy self-esteem.
  •   Develop improved listening skills.
  •   If they stutterer or have a speech impediment it is not apparent when singing.
  •   If ESL(English as a second language), learn the language faster.
  •   Have better posture and body alignment.
  •   Learn to breathe properly.
  •   Do better in their school studies, especially in mathematics.
  •   Make lasting and wholesome friendships.
  •   Develop music skills which will be used throughout their lives.

Megan Fournier-Mewis bio:
Megan is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan Music department, with a bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. While at the U of S, she was a member of the Greystone Singers, the U of S Musical Theatre Ensemble, the Saskatoon Opera Association and was a section leader for the sopranos and altos of the University Chorus.

After graduating, Megan moved to Cardiff Wales, United Kingdom for three years where she continued her opera training, sang with the BBC Welsh National Choir and performed in various venues gaining her recognition on BBC Radio One and BBC Channel One. In between performances and training, Megan backpacked through Western Europe with a voice trio, busking Canadian folk songs on Europe's city streets.

Upon her return to Prince Albert in 2005, she opened her own voice studio and is currently the artistic co-director of the Prince Albert Children's Choir, carrying on her grandmother, Margo Fournier's, legacy.